Veronika iš Austrijos

Hello World,

here’s Veronika from Austria! I was spending my amazing EVS-time in Vilnius. The reason why I am here?  Before I came here I was working in a retail shop in the bureau and the shop itself for about one and a half year. Maybe you can imagine that it got quite boring and it was no challenge for me anymore. So I was searching for an adventurous change in my life and I bumped into the EVS opportunity. I spoke with many people, who did EVS and told me their experiences and so I was really motivated to do EVS!!! I didn’t have a special destination, the only thing I knew was just, that I would like to do something with youngsters or animals. And now I find myself here in Vilnius, living with three girls from Spain, Latvia and Cyprus in one flat! 

My workplace is one hour away from the flat, so there’s enough time to think what I can do with the youngsters in my Youth Centre (Lentvaris Jaunimo Centras). So I got what I wanted! ;) The first contact was a little bit vague, but now I get more and more hugs from them and it’s an amazing feeling! But this is not the only amazing thing here, there are several more: the other volunteers, the pubs, the sightseeing, the trainings, the travelling,… I’m really enjoying my experiences, challenges and growing here! :D