Ana iš Rumunijos

Ana iš Rumunijos:

This EVS experience is awesome! I’m Ana, from Romania, I’m 23 years old and I quit my job in a market research company from Bucharest in order to start from 0 my life. Yes, I thought much about this decision, I was applying for EVS programs, but never thought I will really do this. The idea to be just on my own in a foreign country, surrounded by new people, working with kids, sharing the flat with persons I don’t know anything about, being so far from my family and my friends really scared me, pff, it scared me so much. But I did it. I said “courage, dear heart” and I started packing. And from the moment I took off from the plane, a good feeling come.

The children with whom I was working are always smiling and have a lot of energy which they transmit to me involuntary. What else could you wish for? Ok, sometimes I needed a lot of patience with them, but I took this as an exercise for myself. Anyways, this whole experience is a challenge itself to me. And one of my aims is to get close to this kids, to leave something in their lives after this year, when I come back to my country. And that’s why I started with my colleagues the Lithuanian language lessons in order to be as close to them as possible. Just a little bit of positive change in each life and I will be content!

The people I met, also Lithuanian and from other countries, are friendly, energetic, respectful and curious, ready to listen you. That’s nice! Before coming here I have in my mind to become more optimistic and here I am, it’s quite impossible not to be when all those people are close to you :)

And it’s good to be an EVS volunteer, we have discounts to clubs’ entrance, to hostels when we travel J